Glastonbury Rock Club

Catherine runs Glastonbury Rock Club.

About Catherine

Originally from Dublin, Catherine has been a Massage Therapist for over 20 years and has been living and practising here in Glastonbury for nearly 16 years at The Massage Place.

She is also a Mum, a Relax Kids Coach (Relax with Catherine: Mindfulness, Well-Being & Relax Kids Coach) and trained as an instructor for The Massage In Schools Programme (MISP).

Catherine first met Jade Marsh, founder of Rock Club World, here in Glastonbury in 2018.

"Jade told me all about the amazing Ibiza Rock Club workshops she was holding and her wish to see a Glastonbury Rock Club made manifest and eventually worldwide workshops and I simply fell in love with the idea.

I've always loved working with children, I trained as a Relax kids coach in 2005 and held RK workshops in Windsor where I lived before doing the same when I moved to Glastonbury in 2007.”


Glastonbury Rock Club is part of Rock Club World who are committed to empowering children by teaching them how they can use the incredible power of crystals to amplify their own unique healing abilities.

We combine this with showing children how their words, thoughts, and emotions create their experience of the world by directly affecting themselves and others.

Through this, it is our strong conviction that our children will make the future a better place in which to live.

If you'd like to learn more about Glastonbury Rock Club events please check out their Instagram below or contact Catherine here.